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quarta-feira, 14 de junho de 2017

On why the end-credits of Predator rule and why the winning formula of the movie can never be repeated again!

Capping off the 30-years-of-Predator-celebration-cycle, one peculiar aspect of the movie that I believe is not discussed enough: the end credits.

The cast breaks the 4th-wall (and characters) to wave goodbye to the audience in a cheerful-wink-winky way at the end of the movie while the sound track shifts tone from gloomy-doom to an optimistic hero celebration tune. It's as bizarre as it is heartwarmingly charming, and it totally encapsulates the spirit of the movie, with its perfectly edited pace and unpredictable action from start to finish.

In part, Predator is such a respected, good, creative and influential movie because it was never emulated since, and really can’t be copied. Predator had the element of surprise! Throughout the movie, Predator effortlessly plays with the audience expectations, having them guess what genre are they watching, going from war movie, to campy action, to thriller, suspense masterpiece, horror, supernatural and finally revealing itself as science-fiction.

There’s a main reason why all sequels and spin-offs made since have failed: you can’t repeat the same trick twice and still surprise people. All sequels have only been using the formula present in the last 25% portion of the original movie. By doing a Predator movie where the “Predator” is the main selling-point, the entire premise becomes thin, hollow and super-exposed from the get go, and Predator was exactly the opposite of that!

The end credits really work as a reminder to the audience of how much they were taken on a ride the entire time, as everyone is bidding farewell: “That’s it folks. Hope you enjoyed the show. We had a blast! Don’t expect to see us ever again. Bye bye ;)”.

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