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terça-feira, 21 de março de 2017

One Man Predicted the Failure of Mass Effect Andromeda

I did a simple collage just for posterity, about my predictions for Mass Effect Andromeda that became true. Almost since the first images and videos of the game were made available, I could see there was something terribly wrong with the game. The Mass Effect "soul" was nowhere to be found. Strangely enough (for me), I stood watching as more and more trailers were released and both the media and public cheered and continued to build up the hype, apparently satisfied with what was being presented.

The pictures above are cutouts from posts I made on Facebook months before Andromeda's release (click on the picture to enlarge). Now here we are, with the game out, and "all hell is breaking loose". Metacritic scores are low, and Forbes is calling it as it is: "the worst-reviewed game in the franchise." I can't say I'm surprised honestly. Still, I am disappointed. I am a big fan of Mass Effect (this was my review of the first game back in early 2008) and I played all 3 games as they came out, always keeping the same save file and character progression.

I am not happy for Andromeda's apparent lack of polish, however, it does reassure me that I have a keen eye to spot troubled production cycles for videogames. This is not the first time I rightfully predicted the generally perceived quality of a game, for better or worse (I've been praising Nier Automata for ages and had no doubts it would be an amazing title, just to name a recent example).

We live in a world where "told you so" counts for nothing unless there are records and proof to show. So, in my growing efforts to becoming a videogame industry consultant, I'm doing just that: a record.

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