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sábado, 17 de janeiro de 2009

Mad Men

For those who didn't enter the bandwagon in the first season, it is now imperative that you do! Having recently finished it’s second season, and already holding a bucket full of Emmy's and a freshly won Golden Globe for best TV drama, Mad men is, without a doubt, one of the best shows around, and is a definitive must-buy for everyone that likes having their favourite shows on DVD.
Mad men show, and tell us, the daily life of an advertising office in a late ‘50s and early ‘60s (first season in the ‘50s, with the second one moving on to the next decade) Manhattan, and of all of those working there, having it’s very own protagonists, obviously.
Through its perfectly written and developed characters, and an all-around fantastic and believable set-up, the show immediately throw us directly into that time and context: a glamorous, yet completely sober New York, where men still sit high in the work chain - with one hand holding the scotch and the other holding their own head before falling into depression -, and where women are depicted, for the most part, as Jackie Kennedy and/or Marilyn Monroe wannabes holding their hands tight to the dishes at home, and to their typing machines at work.
This, of course, is nothing but a very rough and superficial view of Mad men, as any viewer will soon find out on its own when all the subtelties and complexities of the show come to surface.

Prá'lém disto, devo admitir, que embora tenha gostado da primeira season, nunca a achei realmente extraordinaria. Já esta segunda, muito pelo contrario, acho que é sublime e arrasa com quaisquer duvidas que eu poderia ter em considerar Mad Men como uma das minhas séries favoritas da actualidade.

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Nando disse...

Se eu começar a ver isso vai ser com certeza para poder ver os melões dessa senhora mais vezes :3